Our team is honored to build your home.

Aaron Davis


Aaron directs estimating and project management for Southern Green Builders.  Aaron draws from +13 years of home building to proactively access the technical needs and planning of construction.  Aaron is a graduate of Texas A&M University. 

Drew Ondrey


Drew guides construction and product oversight for Southern Green Builders. He is as a recognized Graduate Master Builder (National Association of Home Builders). Drew’s expertise is at the forefront of craftsmanship, sustainable practices and home building technology. Drew is a graduate of Texas A&M University. 

Sam Seidel


Sam oversees Southern Green Builder’s client relationships. He leads interactions with a personal touch and unwavering standards. He believes expert processes and transparent communication create a positive home building experience. Sam is a graduate of Texas A&M University.

Jason Hoelscher

Project Manager

Jason jokes he majored in Construction Science at Texas A&M because the program seemed to require the least amount of math. While that was not the case, homebuilding was an instant fit. He enjoys how home building positively touches people’s lives. Since 1999, he has managed projects from multi-million dollar homes to master-planned communities. 

Barbara Cannon

Project Coordinator

With +20 years in residential construction, Barb speaks ‘construction’ fluently. Her detail oriented personality fuels her role as project coordinator. She leads the organization and ordering of the interior supplies as selected by the client.

Dannielle Chiodi-Jones

Project Coordinator

Since her start in 2003, Dannielle has participated in almost every facet of the home building process. Her extensive technical knowledge provides expert details and clarity within SGB’s project management system. With Dannielle leading the internal support and organization for all active projects, our Superintendents can focus on the job site with more confidence and efficiency than ever before.


Mark Arroyos


Mark began his home building career in 2004. He has engaged in and managed the construction elements for over 500 homes. But volume and streamlined processes are not what he finds most impressive. Instead, Mark is passionate about time-honored craftsmanship: classic finishes, like authentic wood floors, crafted by skilled tradespeople.

Scott Trang


After graduating from UH, Scott ventured into the commercial side of construction. His need to connect with clients and have a greater impact on projects quickly led him to home building. As lead estimator, Scott’s ability to understand the client is critical to successful pre-construction.  

Drew Klecka


Drew joined the Southern Green Builders team in 2017 with a zest for building fundamentals and a deep appreciation of the whole-home process. His ten year career in the audio and visual sector of construction provides an incredible understanding of the contractor’s interdependent roles and how precise execution is integral to a home’s integrity. 

Greg Sanzo

Greg Sanzo


Greg’s residential construction career spans over 35 years. He has managed the building of 20 custom homes, 300 semi-custom townhomes, 25 production homes, and counting. In addition to his execution record, Greg also maintains high client approval and satisfaction through his hands-on management approach. Where your home is a cozy 2,000 sq. ft. or a sprawling 12,000 sq. ft. Greg is on-site, often with a level in his hand, guiding all elements to completion.